D9T Track-Type Tractor Power Train – Track – Connect

Connection Procedure

Table 1
Required Tools    
Tool     Part Number     Part Description     Qty    
A     4C-6486     Stand     2    
8S-8048 Saddle     2    
8S-7615 Pin     2    
8S-7621 Tube     2    
B     260-9412     Chain As     1    
C     138-7576     Link Bracket     2    
D     –     Loctite Graphite 50 Anti-Seize     1    

Note: Machines which are equipped with differential steering MUST HAVE the opposite track on the ground in order to use this procedure.

Note: Two people will be required for this procedure in order to ensure safety.

    Illustration 1 g02672659

  1. Install Tooling (C) onto the final drive. Install an additional Tooling (C) onto master link (2) .
  1. The length of chain must be the distance from the final drive to the master link, plus one revolution around the final drive.
  1. Start the machine and turn the final drive in a reverse direction in order to pull the track together.

    Illustration 2 g02672676

  1. Connect master link (2) on idler (4) .
  1. Use Tooling (B) in order to install track shoe (4) in position on the master link . The weight of track shoe (4) is approximately 45 kg (100 lb). Put Tooling (D) on the threads, the body, and the washer face of the master link bolts. Install bolts (3) . Tighten the bolts to a torque of 870 ± 90 N·m (650 ± 50 lb ft). Tighten the bolts 120 degrees more.

    Illustration 3 g02672677

  1. Remove Tooling (A) from the blade.
  1. Adjust the track tension. Refer to Operation and Maintenance Manual , “Adjust Track Tension”.
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