D9T Track-Type Tractor Hydraulic System – Steering Charge Filter

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Steering Charge Filter

(1) Oil sampling port/charge pressure port

(2) Filter element

(3) Bypass valve

(4) Passage to steering pump

(5) Passage from steering charge pump

(6) Bypass pressure switch

(7) Charge pressure sensor

(CC) Component surface

(FF) Activated component

(RR) Charge pressure

Oil enters the steering charge filter through passage (5) from the steering charge pump.

Charge oil fills filter element (2). During normal operation, the oil flows through filter element (2). The filter element stops any debris that is in the oil. The oil then flows to the rest of the steering system.

If the filter element is full of debris, the restriction to the flow causes a pressure increase on the outside of the filter. The pressure causes bypass valve (3) to open. The oil flows through the open bypass valve directly to the steering hydraulic system. The debris in the oil can damage the other components in the hydraulic system when the oil does not go through the filter element.

When the bypass valve opens, bypass pressure switch (6) opens. Bypass pressure switch (6) sends a signal to the implement ECM. Advisor will display this event on the display screen. The “Action Lamp” will activate in order to notify the operator that the steering charge filter is being bypassed. If this action occurs and the oil is at normal operating temperature, inspect the filter element for restrictions.

Correct maintenance must be used in order to make sure that the filter element does not become full of debris.

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