Air Conditioning and Heating R134a for All Caterpillar Machines – Refrigerant Compressor – Remove and Install

Removal Procedure

------ WARNING! ------

Personal injury can result from contact with refrigerant.

Contact with refrigerant can cause frost bite. Keep face and hands away to help prevent injury.

Protective goggles must always be worn when refrigerant lines are opened, even if the gauges indicate the system is empty of refrigerant.

Always use precaution when a fitting is removed. Slowly loosen the fitting. If the system is still under pressure, release it slowly in a well ventilated area.

Personal injury or death can result from inhaling refrigerant through a lit cigarette.

Inhaling air conditioner refrigerant gas through a lit cigarette or other smoking method or inhaling fumes released from a flame contacting air conditioner refrigerant gas, can cause bodily harm or death.

Do not smoke when servicing air conditioners or wherever refrigerant gas may be present.

Use a certified recovery and recycling cart to properly remove the refrigerant from the air conditioning system.



Do not use Polyalkylene Glycol (PAG) oil in the compressor. Use Polyol Ester (POE) oil. The use of any other oil will cause rapid dielectric failure of the compressor.

  1. Refer to Service Manual, SENR5664, “All Products Air Conditioning and Heating Systems with R-134a Refrigerant for All Caterpillar Machines” for the recovery and the charging procedures. Refer to Special Publication, NENG2500, “Air Conditioning Tool” for the tools.
  1. Turn the power disconnect switch to the OFF position.

    Illustration 1 g02687196

  1. Remove belt (1) . Refer to Operation and Maintenance Manual, “Belt – Inspect/Adjust/Replace”.

    Illustration 2 g02687216

  1. Remove harness assemblies (2) , (3) , and clip (4) .

    Illustration 3 g02687256

  1. Remove bracket assembly (5) .

    Illustration 4 g02687276

  1. Remove hose assemblies (6) .

    Illustration 5 g02687279

  1. Remove bolts (7) and refrigerant compressor (8) .

Installation Procedure

  1. Install refrigerant compressor (8) in the reverse order of removal.
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