Air Conditioning and Heating R134a for All Caterpillar Machines – MID 113 – CID 1471 – FMI 13

Conditions Which Generate This Code:

Illustration 1 g01640175

Schematic of the steering position sensor 1

The CID 1471 diagnostic code is associated with the steering position sensor 1. The FMI 13 means that the Power Train ECM detects a “steering tiller position sensor 1” that is out of calibration.

Multiple position sensors are required for correct operation of the steering control. Each sensor provides an input signal to the ECM that indicates the position of the steering control handle. The signal 1 receives power from the 8 VDC power supply circuit and the 8 VDC return circuit from the ECM. The position sensor sends a PWM input signal to the Power Train ECM.

The position sensor is a PWM sensor that operates at a frequency of approximately 500 ± 80 Hz. The voltage of the signal range is from 0 to 5 VDC. The duty cycle of the signal varies from approximately 10 percent at the full forward position to approximately 90 percent at the full rearward position. When the steering control handle is at the center position, the duty cycle is approximately 50% and the voltage is approximately 2.5 VDC.

The following conditions could cause this diagnostic code to be activated:

  • Initial installation on the machine

  • Installation of a new sensor

  • The machine control ECM has been replaced.

  • New software has been installed.

  • replacing the axle or modifications are made to the axle.

  • The calibrated load of the machine has been changed.

  • The ECM has failed. This condition is unlikely.


Recalibrate the position sensor. Refer to the Testing and Adjusting, KENR8927, “Calibration”.

Expected Result:

A successful calibration causes this diagnostic code to become inactive.


  • OK – The calibration causes this diagnostic code to become inactive.

    Repair: Resume normal machine operation.


  • NOT OK – The calibration has not caused the diagnostic code to become inactive.

    Repair: Refer to Testing and Adjusting, KENR8927, “Calibration”


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