D6D TRACTOR POWER TRAIN – Sprocket Segments

Remove And Install Sprocket Segments

1. Remove guards (1) and (2).

2. Start the machine. Move the machine forward until four nuts (3) can be removed from the sprocket segment.

3. Remove the four bolts from the sprocket. Remove sprocket segment (4).

NOTE: The following steps are for installing the sprocket segments.

4. Put the four bolts in the sprocket from the back side. Put the sprocket segment (4) in position on the sprocket.

5. Push the four bolts through the sprocket segment. Put 4S9416 Anti-Seize Compound on the threads of the four bolts. Install four nuts (3).

6. Tighten the nuts to a torque of 177 ± 40 N·m (130 ± 30 lb.ft.) Turn the four nuts another 120° to get a minimum torque of 377 N·m (280 lb ft) on the four nuts.

7. Install guards (1) and (2).

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