D6D TRACTOR POWER TRAIN – Alignment Of Track Roller Frame

The center of sprocket (16) is to be in the center of rear track roller (12). Clearance (14) is to be the same as clearance (15). Add or remove shims (3) to make clearance (14) and (15) the same or within 1.5 mm (.06 in) of center. The thickness of one shim is 0.91 mm (.036 in). Use the least number of shims possible and not more than seven shims on each side of the machine.

NOTE: All steps must be done on each side of the machine.

1. Put machine on a flat surface and check clearance (14) and (15).

2. Raise the machine until both tracks are off the ground.

3. Remove all adjustment from the tracks.

4. Remove bolt and lock (11).

5. Loosen final drive bearing adjustment nut (10) and remove the preload on bearing (7).

6. Remove cap (6), lock (5), nut (4), retainer assembly (2), and shims (3).

7. Install shims (3) to move track roller frame (13) out to increase clearance (14 and 18) and decrease clearance (15 and 17). Remove shims (3) to move track roller frame (13) in to decrease clearance (14 and 18) and increase clearance (15 and 17).

8. Lubricate bearing (8) through grease fitting (1). Make sure grease goes all the way around between bearing (8) and holder (9).

9. Install retainer assembly (2).

10. Make adjustment of final drive bearing (7). See the topic, Adjustment For Final Drive Bearings.

11. Put the machine on the ground and adjust the track. See the topic, Track Adjustment.

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