D6D TRACTOR POWER TRAIN – Adjustment Of The Flywheel Clutch (Direct Drive)

1. Remove clutch inspection cover.

2. Turn the flywheel until one of nuts (2) is seen through the opening.

3. Loosen the nut approximately two turns and make sure retainer plate (3) is free on the stud.

4. Turn flywheel 180° and loosen the other nut and retainer plate.

5. Fasten a spring scale to the bottom of the handle for the clutch control lever.

6. Turn adjustment ring (1) clockwise (for an increase) or counterclockwise (for a decrease) until the amount of force needed on the spring scale to engage the clutch is … 200 ± 22 N (45 ± 5 lb)

7. Tighten nuts (2) to a torque of … 40 N·m (30 lb ft)

NOTE: Make sure both nuts (2) are tightened.

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