D6D TRACTOR POWER TRAIN – Adjustment Of Flywheel Clutch Interlock Linkage (Direct Drive)

1. Make an adjustment to rod (5) so dimension (A), between the centers of pins (1) and (2) is … 386.6 mm (15.22 in)

2. With the adjustment of the interlock linkage correct, the lever that connects with rod end (3), will be at a 90 degree angle in relation to rod (5) when the flywheel clutch is in the NOT ENGAGED position.

NOTE: If the dimension (A) is too long, the interlock mechanism will not release; if the dimension is too short, the interlock mechanism will not lock.

3. Tighten locknut (4) to a torque of … 14 ± 4 N·m (10 ± 3 lb ft)

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