D6D TRACTOR POWER TRAIN – Adjustment For Final Drive Bearings

NOTE: Put Multipurpose-type lubricant on threads of all parts at assembly.

NOTE: The track need not be removed for adjustment of the final drive bearings. See Special Instruction Form No SMHS7583 for special tools and adjustment of bearings with track installed. If track is removed, use the procedure below.

1. Remove nut and bolt that hold lock (5) in position.

2. Remove lock (5).

3. Remove cap (2) and lock (4).

4. Use a spanner wrench to loosen (turn clockwise) adjustment nut (1).

5. Tighten sprocket shaft nut (3) to a torque of … 810 to 950 N·m (600 to 700 lb ft)

6. Install lock (4) to hold nut (3) in position. Install cap (2).

7. While sprocket is turned, tighten (turn counterclockwise) adjustment nut (1) to a torque of 3240 ± 135 N·m (2400 ± 100 lb ft) for a minimum of 15 seconds.

8. Turn adjustment nut (1) clockwise (about 6 to 10 lugs) so that the nut is still tight but below … 470 ± 14 N·m (350 ± 10 lb ft)

9. Tighten (turn counterclockwise) nut (1) again to a torque of … 470 ± 14 N·m (350 ± 10 lb ft)

10. Make a mark on one of the lugs of nut (1) and on holder assembly (6). Make another mark 80.8 mm (3.18 in) to the left of the mark on the holder assembly.

11. Tighten nut (1) (turn counterclockwise) until the mark on nut (1) is in alignment with second mark on holder assembly (6).

12. Install lock (5) in notch on nut (1). Continue tightening nut (turn counterclockwise) to next notch if lock can not be installed.

13. Install the nut and bolt that holds the lock in position on the adjustment nut.

14. Remove fill plug from cap and fill with oil. See Operation And Maintenance Guide for correct type and viscosity.

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