Air Conditioning and Heating R-12 All Caterpillar Machines – Windshield Washer Group

Remove And Install Windshield Washer Group

1. Put identification on the four wires and three hoses connected to cover assembly (1). Remove the wires and hoses from the cover assembly.

2. Remove the cover assembly from reservoir (3). Put identification on five hoses (2) connected to the bottom of the cover assembly. Remove the hoses. Remove the reservoir from bracket assembly (4).

3. Remove two wires (6) connected to the rear window pump (5). Put identification on two hoses (8) connected to rear window pump and remove the two hoses. Remove two screws (7), washers and nuts. Remove the rear window pump from the bracket assembly.

4. Remove three screws and nuts which fasten bracket assembly (4) to the operator’s platform. Remove the bracket assembly.

5. Install bracket assembly (4) on the operator’s platform with three screws and nuts.

6. Install rear window pumps (5) on the bracket assembly with two screws (7), washers and nuts. Connect two wires (6) to the pump. Install two hoses (8) on the pump.

7. Install reservoir (3) in bracket assembly (4). Install five hoses (2) on the bottom of the cover assembly. Install the cover assembly (1) on the reservoir.

8. Connect four wires to the cover assembly. Install three hoses on the cover assembly.

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