Air Conditioning and Heating R-12 All Caterpillar Machines – Cab Door Latch And Striker

Remove Cab Door Latch and Striker

1. Push the pin out of handle (2) and shaft. Remove the handle from the shaft. Remove three bolts (1) and lockwashers and remove cover (3).

2. Remove spring (6) from lever assembly (4). Remove pin (5) which fastens the lever assembly to shaft (7).

3. Remove two screws (9). Remove handle assembly (8), spacer (10) and shaft.

4. Remove four bolts (11), nut and lockwashers. Remove latch assembly (12) from the door.

5. Remove two bolts (13) and washers. Remove striker assembly (14) from the cab.

Install Cab Door Latch And Striker

1. Install striker assembly (1) on the cab with two bolts and washers.

2. Install latch assembly (2) on the door with four bolts, nuts and lockwashers.

3. Install handle and shaft assembly (3) and the spacer on the door with two screws. Install lever assembly (4) on the shaft with the pin.

4. Install spring (5) on the lever assembly as shown. Install cover (6) with three bolts and lockwashers.

5. Put handle (7) into position on the shaft. Install the pin which fastens the handle to the shaft.

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