3306 VEHICULAR ENGINE FOR D5B, D6D & D7G TRACTORS – Turbocharger Impeller Installation (Schwitzer Only)


A. Put 6V1541 Quick Cure Primer on the nut and the shaft threads to clean them, if necessary.

B. Put a small amount of 9S3265 Retaining Compound on the nut and shaft threads.


Do not let the retaining compound get into the compressor wheel bore or on the shaft, because it can make removal of the compressor wheel difficult during future turbocharger disassembly.

C. Put a small amount of lubricant, such as Lubriplate, on the nut seat area on the compressor. Do not put lubricant on the threads.

D. Tighten the compressor wheel retainer nut to:

3LM … 20 ± 2 N·m (165 ± 15 lb. in.)

F, 4LF, E … 30 ± 3 N·m (264 ± 24 lb. in.)


Do not bend or add stress to the shaft when nut is tightened.

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