3306 VEHICULAR ENGINE FOR D5B, D6D & D7G TRACTORS – Timing Gears And Plate

Remove Timing Gears And Plate


a) remove timing gear cover

1. Make an alignment of the “C” mark on the crankshaft gear and the “C” on the camshaft gear as shown.

2. Loosen the bolt that holds gear (1) approximately .125 in. (3.2 mm). Install tooling (A) and loosen gear (1) on the shaft. Remove tooling (A), the bolt and gear (1) from the fuel injection pump.

3. Remove bolts (2) and retainer (4). Remove the gear (5). Remove bolts (3). Remove camshaft gear (6).

4. Remove the bearing from the idler gear with tooling (B).

5. Remove the nuts that hold the fuel injection pump housing to studs (7) in the timing gear plate.

6. Remove bolts (8) that hold the lock and the timing gear plate to the cylinder block.

7. Remove the bolts that hold lock (9) and the timing gear plate to the cylinder block. Remove the timing gear plate and gasket from the engine.

Install Timing Gears And Plate

NOTE: Make sure the O-ring seal is in place on the front of the fuel injection pump housing.

1. Clean the old gasket from the contact surfaces of the timing gear plate and cylinder block. Install a new gasket on the cylinder block. Cut the gasket even with the bottom face of the cylinder block. Put 5H2471 Gasket Cement on the bottom of the gasket where the gasket makes contact with the gasket for the oil pan.

2. Put the timing gear plate against the cylinder block. Install the two locks and six bolts that hold the timing gear plate in place.

3. Install the three nuts and washers that hold the fuel injection pump housing to the timing gear plate.

4. Install the camshaft drive gear with the “C” mark on the camshaft gear in alignment with the “C” mark on the crankshaft gear as shown in the illustration. Install the four bolts and washers that hold it in place.

5. Use tooling (C) and a press and install the bearing in idler gear (2). Install the bearing to a depth of .060 in. (1.52 mm) below the outside surface. The bearing diameter after installation must be 1.3781 ± .0019 in. (35.00 ± 0.048 mm).

6. Install idler gear (2). Install plate (3) and bolts (1) that hold the idler gear in place.

7. Put the number one piston in top center compression position. See FINDING TOP CENTER COMPRESSION POSITION FOR NO. 1 PISTON in TESTING AND ADJUSTING.

Typical Example

8. Remove bolts (4) from the torque control cover assembly.

9. Remove timing pin (5) (if so equipped) from the cover of the governor housing.

10. Put timing pin (5) or tool (B) in the hole for bolt (4). Turn the fuel injection pump camshaft until timing pin (5) or tool (B) goes in the notch in the fuel injection pump camshaft.

Typical Example

11. Put gear (6) in position on the fuel injection pump. Install the bolt and washer that holds it finger tight only.

Typical Example

12. Install tooling (C) in the holes of the gear as shown. Put a torque of approximately 50 lb.ft. (70 N·m) on the gear in a clockwise direction (as seen from the front of the engine). With the clockwise torque on the gear tighten the bolt to a torque of 110 ± 5 lb.ft. (149 ± 7 N·m).

13. Remove timing pin (5) or tool (B). Remove the 3/8″-16 NC bolt from the flywheel.

14. Turn the engine counterclockwise (as seen from rear of engine) two complete revolutions. If timing pin (5) or tool (B) goes into the notch in the camshaft of the fuel injection pump and the 3/8″-16 NC bolt goes in the flywheel at the same time, the timing is correct.

15. If timing pin (5) or tool (B) can not be installed see CHECKING TIMING BY TIMING PIN METHOD in TESTING AND ADJUSTING.


a) install timing gear cover

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