3306 VEHICULAR ENGINE FOR D5B, D6D & D7G TRACTORS – Rocker Shaft (Later)

Disassemble Rocker Shaft (Later)


a) remove rocker shaft and push rods

1. Remove O-ring seal (1) from the rear support bracket.

NOTE: A replacement of the O-ring seal must be made each time the head bolt is removed from the rear support bracket.

2. Remove retainer ring (6), washer (5), spring (4) and washer (3) from each end of rocker shaft. Remove rocker arm (2).

3. Remove pin from rear support bracket with a hammer and punch. Remove rear support bracket (7) from shaft.

4. Remove remainder of rocker arms, springs, washers and brackets.

5. Remove plugs from each end of the shaft if necessary.

Assemble Rocker Shaft (Later)

1. Install rocker arms (5), bracket (1), washers (4) and springs (2) on the rocker shaft.

2. Install rear support bracket (6) on rocker shaft. Make sure hole in rear support bracket is in alignment with hole in rocker shaft.

3. Put pin (3) in position in the bracket.

4. Install pin (3) through bracket and shaft with a hammer.

5. Pin (3) must extend .378 in. (9.60 mm) above the bracket.

6. Install O-ring seal (7) in the rear support bracket. Install rocker arm (8), washer, spring, washer and retainer ring on the rocker shaft.

7. Install the plugs in each end of the rocker shaft if they were removed.


a) install rocker shaft and push rods

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