3306 VEHICULAR ENGINE FOR D5B, D6D & D7G TRACTORS – Cooler Bypass Valve (Power Shift)

Remove And Install Cooler Bypass Valve (Power Shift)

1. Remove the radiator grille plate.

2. Disconnect oil line (1) from cooler bypass valve (3).

3. Remove four nuts (2) and washers.

4. Remove cooler bypass valve (3).

NOTE: Install in reverse order.

Disassemble And Assemble Cooler Bypass Valve (Power Shift)

Start By:

a. remove cooler bypass valve

1. Remove valve (1).

2. Remove the gasket from the body.

NOTE: The following steps are for the assembly of the cooler by-pass valve (power shift).

3. Make sure the body of the cooler bypass valve is clean and free of dirt and foreign material.

4. Install a new valve (1) and gasket in the body.

5. Tighten the valve to a torque of 90 ± 7 N·m (65 ± 5 lb.ft.).

End By:

a. install cooler bypass valve

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