26SI Series Alternator – Verify Machine Records and Ownership

Verify Machines in Equipment Data

Verify that the machines exist in Equipment Data before you install Product Link Modules (PLM) on machines. After you install PLM, configure PLM and register PLM in order to communicate with the EquipmentManager application. If the machines do not already exist in Equipment Data (ED), you must add the machines.

Note: Equipment Data allows customers to manage the customer’s equipment across dealerships. Equipment Data provides a central equipment database for use in Caterpillar developed applications. Equipment Data is delivered through CaterpillarDealer Web sites.

The following features are included in Equipment Data:

  • Automatic updates of the Equipment Data equipment record from the Dealer’s Business System (DBS)

  • Updates that are sent to the DBS/DBSi when changes are made in the Equipment Data

  • Equipment grouping functionality

The PartStore System and EquipmentManager users will often have access to Equipment Data. Caterpillar recommends that the Dealer Administrator for EquipmentManager is provided with access to the Equipment Data application.

If you do not have access to the Equipment Data application in order to add machines, contact your Technical communicator.

Note: Refer to Caterpillar Equipment Data Dealer Manual Release 2.0 for complete instructions on the Equipment Data Application.

UCID Conflict Management

Once you have verified that the necessary machines exist in Equipment Data, you must then resolve any ownership conflicts that may exist on that machine. Ownership conflicts arise when a single serial number within Equipment Data has been associated with two or more Universal Customer ID’s (UCID). Within EquipmentManager, detailed information about a single serial number is not displayed if the ownership data for that equipment has a UCID conflict.

In order to resolve an ownership conflict by consolidating UCID’s, contact your Technical Communicator.

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