26SI Series Alternator – Setup Subscriptions

Activating and Deactivating Subscriptions

Once the installation, the configuration and the registrations of the Product Link Module (PLM) has been performed, the subscriptions must be activated in order to view the data from the machine or from the engine. The following subscriptions are available. Refer to Table 1.

Table 1
Subscription     Features    
Asset Watch     Machine Location
Machine Location Mapping
Machine Location History
Non-reporting Machine Identification
Machine Service Meter Hour Reading
Machine Service Meter Hour Report History
Time and Geo-fencing
Time and Geo-fence Alerts    
Maintenance Watch     Planned Maintenance (PM) History
PM Notes
Next PM Due (date and hour based)
PM Alerts
PM Checklist
PM Parts List
Customized PM Checklist
PM and Repair Planner
On-line Parts Ordering
Manage Major Repairs
Repair History
PM or Repair Request for Quote    
Health Watch
(Requires Asset Watch)    
Event and Diagnostic Codes
Event and Diagnostic Code Troubleshooting Procedures
Event and Diagnostic Code Alerts
Event and Diagnostic Code History
Fuel Level
Fuel Used
Fuel Level Alert
Fuel Used History and Graphic Display
Fuel Level History
Refueling History
4 Digital Switch Channels    

Note: Health Watch information is dependent upon the machine model, the year of production, and the PLM that is installed. Machines that were produced with electronic engines and transmissions that are equipped with Product Link Module PL321SR normally can provide this information.

Only the dealer administrator and/or a customer administrator can upgrade subscriptions or downgrade subscriptions for equipment. Subscriptions are upgraded and downgraded through the “Edit Subscriptions” option in EquipmentManager.

Note: “Automatic Subscription” option may also be available.

Automatic Subscriptions

The “Automatic Subscription” feature will automatically activate a subscription to EquipmentManager when a PLM is registered. Subscriptions will initially be activated at the dealer subscription level. In order to process new subscriptions, the “Automatic Subscription” option in EquipmentManager must be accessed.

Automatic Activation of Subscriptions

Illustration 1 g01700695

Initial page of EquipmentManager

(1) “Automatic Subscriptions” link

  1. In order to access the “Automatic Subscription” page, click the arrow next to “Subscriptions”, and then click “Automatic Subscription” link (1) . The “Automatic Subscription” screen will appear.

    Illustration 2 g01700696

    “Automatic Subscription” Screen

  1. This screen displays a list of equipment with new, successful PLM registrations. In order to process a subscription, select the check box that corresponds to the piece of equipment that applies to the subscription. A green check mark will appear in the appropriate “Watch” column for the items that are appropriate for the PLM that has been installed and registered.
  1. In order to accept the new subscription at the dealer level, click “Retain as Dealer Subscription”.
  1. In order to transfer the subscription to the customer or UCID, click “Transfer Subscription to UCID”.
  1. Click “Edit Subscription” in order to split the activations for the subscriptions between the dealer and the customer. This will also activate the Maintenance Watch subscription or the Health Watch subscription for either the dealer or the customer.

    If the customer information is not displayed, select the “Equipment Data” link. This link will alllow you to quickly access the equipment data in order to make the ownership association. After the equipment data updates are complete, select the “Refresh Ownership” button in order to display the new customer information.

    A link to Universal Customer ID Tool (UCID) is also provided at the top of the page for quick access in order to create the UCID for the customer.

    Note: If the customer id or UCID displayed in “Automatic Subscription” is not the correct customer, then exit “Automatic Subscription” and update the machine ownership in “Equipment Data”. When “Automatic Subscription” is accessed again, the correct ownership will be displayed.

Once the subscription is processed or accepted from “Automatic Subscription”, the subscription is no longer displayed on the “Automatic Subscription” screen. Any changes to subscriptions after the initial registration must be made through the “Edit Subscription” button.

Rules for Automatic Subscription

The following rules apply to “Automatic Subscription”:

  • When purchasing subscriptions on machines that are equipped with PLM, Maintenance Watch and Health Watch cannot be purchased without a subscription to Asset Watch.

  • “Automatic Subscription” will only activate Asset Watch. Maintenance Watch and Health Watch will not be subscribed automatically.

Illustration 3 g01390330
  • If a module is registered and subscriptions already exist, “EXISTING” will be displayed in the Asset Watch, the Maintenance Watch, or the Health Watch column. Move the pointer over the word “EXISTING” in order to display the UCID number for the customer with an active subscription. “Automatic Subscription” will not change existing subscriptions.

Illustration 4 g01390332
  • If a new subscription is activated and a UCID conflict exists, the check box will be disabled. The UCID conflict must be resolved before the subscription can be processed.

Illustration 5 g01390333
  • Occasionally, equipment is associated with multiple UCIDs but is not in UCID conflict. For example, this is common with dealer rental fleets. In this case, all customers will be displayed. Move the pointer over the customer name or UCID number in order to reveal if the customer is internal or external, and select the option button for the appropriate customer. Next, click the “Transfer Subscription to UCID” button.

  • If PLM registration is successful and equipment does not exist in equipment data or is not associated with a Customer or UCID, the customer field will be blank. Caterpillar recommends to create the equipment record in equipment data and complete the UCID association before accepting the subscription in “Automatic Subscription”.

  • The “Automatic Subscription” feature will not activate a subscription if it has been previously downgraded. In this case, the manual downgrade flag is retained and accepted.

  • When a subscription is purchased at a customer level, the customer will see the data from the purchase date of the subscription. The dealer view of subscriptions at either the customer or the dealer level allows the view of data from registration date.

Rules for Automatic Downgrade

The following rules apply to automatic downgrades:

  • Automatic downgrades occur to existing subscriptions if customer (UCID) ownership changes between registrations.

Note: The subscription will be downgraded for the previous customer (UCID), and the “Automatic Subscription” screen will display the new customer (UCID).

  • Automatic downgrades occur to existing subscriptions if a module is registered again under a new dealer code.

Note: The subscriptions will be downgraded for the previous customer (UCID) and/or dealer as applicable. The subscriptions will be displayed on the “Automatic Subscription” screen for the new dealer that is registering.

Note: EquipmentManager history is associated with the previous customer will not be viewable by the new customer.

Edit Subscriptions

Edit Dealer or Customer Subscriptions

In order to upgrade or downgrade a dealer subscription, complete the following procedure:

Note: Only the dealer administrator and the customer administrator can upgrade or downgrade subscriptions for equipment, which is done through the “Edit Subscription” option in EquipmentManager.

Illustration 6 g01700697

“Edit Subscription for” on the “Billing Search” screen

(2) “Subscriptions” tab

(3) “Edit Subscription for”

  1. Click on the “Subscriptions” tab (2) on the left navigation bar. The “Edit Subscription for” (3) on the “Billing Search” screen will be displayed.
  1. Select either “Dealer” or “Customer”. The screen will load again and a find equipment form will appear.

    Note: A customer administrator or a customer user is not given the option of searching the dealer subscriptions. The customer administrator or the customer user skip Step 3 and go directly to Step 4.

    Illustration 7 g01703194

    “Billing Search” screen for finding the equipment

    (4) “Universal Customer ID” drop-down menu

    (5) “Display Equipment” button

  1. Select a UCID from the “Universal Customer ID” drop-down menu (4) . If the UCID that was selected has multiple customer numbers, an additional drop-down menu with the customer numbers will appear below the UCID drop-down menu. If this is the case, proceed to Step 4. If this is not the case, proceed to Step 5.

    Note: Selecting a UCID from the drop-down menu is required. In order to find all of the machines from your dealership regardless of the customer of that machine, select “All Dealer Machines” from the drop-down menu.

    Note: If the UCID select has multiple customer numbers, an additional drop-down menu that contains all customer numbers will appear below the UCID drop-down menu. If this is applicable, select a customer number in the “Customer Number” drop-down menu.

  1. Complete the following fields:”Equipment Group”, “Equipment ID”, “Manufacturer”, “Model” and “Serial Number”
  1. The “Search Results” Screen will be displayed.

    Illustration 8 g01703195

    “Search Results” screen for editing a subscription

    (6) Current status of the subscriptions

    (7) “Update Checked” button

    Illustration 9 g01244842

  1. Check the box next to all the machines in the “Search Results” for editing the subscriptions.

    In the “Search Results” table, there are columns that represent Asset Watch, Maintenance Watch, and Health Watch. An icon is displayed in each of these columns for each individual piece of equipment that is listed in the results from the search. These icons represent the status of the subscription on that machine. If there has been no subscription at any time during the current billing cycle, (if the PLM is newly installed for example) then no icon will appear. Refer to Illustration 9 for the other possible icons that may appear in these columns.

  1. Click the “Update Checked” button. The “Update Your Billing” screen will be displayed.

    Illustration 10 g01703196

    “Update Your Billing” screen

    (8) “Update” button

    (9) Check box for a subscription

  1. In order to activate a subscription, check the box that corresponds to the subscription that is desired and for the piece of equipment.

    In order to activate a subscription for a piece of equipment, select the corresponding check box for the subscription (9) of choice. In order to deactivate a subscription, unselect the appropriate box.

    Note: Maintenance Watch and Health Watch cannot be purchased without a subscription to Asset Watch, this rule and prerequisite apply to the purchase of subscriptions on machines that are equipped with PLM.

    Note: Asset Watch and Health Watch cannot be purchased. Also, Maintenance Watch can be purchased but machine hours must be entered manually by the user. These rules and prerequisites apply to the purchase of subscriptions on machines that are not equipped with PLM.

  1. Click on the “Update” button (8) . A “Confirmation” screen will be displayed with the changes that were made to the subscription or subscriptions.
  1. Click on “OK” in order to complete the update.
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