26SI Series Alternator – Service Tools

The following service tools should be used to aid in troubleshooting the electrical system.

Table 1
Tools List    
Laptop computer with Cat Electronic Technician (Cat ET) software for the Product Link PL121SR/PL300 Systems    
Digital Multimeter    
Connector Repair Kit    
Terminal Repair Kit    
Crimp Tool    
Standard Socket Wrench Set (1/2 Inch Drive)    
Metric Socket Wrench Set (1/2 Inch Drive)    
Hand Tool Group (Screwdrivers)    
Torque Wrench (1/2 Inch Drive)    

For instructions on servicing the Deutsch”DT”Type connectors, see Special Instruction, SEHS9615.

Use the digital multimeter for making continuity checks or for measuring voltage.

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