26SI Series Alternator – Product Monitoring

Product Monitoring Report

This report provides a listing of hours, location, cumulative fuel burned and diagnostic codes sent by the Product Link Module (PLM). The ” Product Monitoring Report” may be displayed for a period of time that spans multiple months and can include the current day. So, the report history period can be selected to the user preference for period of review.

In order to generate a” Product Monitoring Report”, use the following procedure:

  1. Search for equipment and view the results on the “Event Summary” screen. In the “View ” box, select “Product Monitoring Report”. The “Product Monitoring Report” screen appears.

    Illustration 1 g01737833

    Product Monitoring Report

    (1) Radio button

    (2) “Start Date” and the “End Date”

    (3) “View Reports” button

  1. Select the “Start Date” and the “End Date” (2) that corresponds with the period for the “Product Monitoring Report”. Refer to Illustration 1.
  1. Select the radio button (1) that corresponds with the equipment for which you wish to generate a “Product Monitoring Report”.
  1. Click the “View Reports” button (3) . The “Product Monitoring Peport” appears as a PDF file in a new window. You can save the report locally, print the report, and e-mail the report.

Illustration 2 g01254175

“Product Monitoring Report” PDF

Product Monitoring Report Cover Page

Illustration 3 g01254184

“Product Monitoring Report” cover page

The following table lists the fields that are found on the “Product Monitoring Report” cover page. Refer to Illustration 3.

Table 1
Field     Field Description    
Equipment ID     The Equipment ID of the machine for which the report is being generated.    
Manufacturer     The Manufacturer of the machine for which the report is being generated.    
Model     The Model of the machine for which the report is being generated.    
Serial Number     The Serial Number of the machine for which the report is being generated.    
Principal Dealer     The name of the Principal Dealer of the machine for which the report is being generated.    
Type     The type of report that you are viewing. In this case the type is “Product Usage Report”.    
Report for the Month Of     The month and year of the data that is being displayed in this report in the form MON-YYYY.    
Report Generated Date     The date that the report was generated in the form DD-MON-YYYY.    

“Product Monitoring Report” and Details

Illustration 4 g01737834

“Product Monitoring Report” details

(4) Event status

After the cover page, the “Product Monitoring Report” displays a table that lists all the events reported by the PLM for the selected time period. Table 2 lists the fieldsthat are in this table. Refer to Illustration 4.

Table 2
Field     Description    
No     The events are numbered sequentially and this number is displayed in the “No” column.    
Date     The date the event was recorded in MM/DD/YYYY format.    
Time     The time the event was recorded in Hr:Min:Sec AM/PM format.    
Event Type     The type of event that was recorded. Possible values include: Fault Code, SMU, Fuel Usage, etc.    
Event Description     A description of the event. This field is color coded by the event status (4) : “Normal”, “Monitor”, “Action”, and “Resolved”.    
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