26SI Series Alternator – Product Link Installation


The Product Link Modules are the systems onboard hardware components. These components allow data to be transmitted over a secure Caterpillar wireless network. Data is sent to machines and data is received from machines. The Product Link hardware consists of: antenna, data module and interconnecting wire harness. The antenna consists of two separate components. One component is for receiving location information from the Global Positioning satellite (GPS) system. The second component is for receiving and transmitting signals from and to a wireless network. The second component also has a taller whip antenna.

The GPS signal provides data about the location of the machine. This data is sent to the Product Link data module from the GPS antenna. The signal is processed by the Product Link data module. After the signal is processed, it is transmitted to the wireless network through the whip antenna.

The Service Meter Unit (SMU) is data captured from the “R” terminal on the alternator. The SMU represents the number of hours that the engine has run. Some data drift from meters in the cab or SMU accumulation on other modules is possible. Product Link PL321 systems conform to onboard SYNC clock strategies. This strategy will synchronize the SMU with the designated master Electronic Control Module (ECM).

Date and time stamps are captured onboard with Product Link using Greenwich Mean Time (GMT). The SMU data will be displayed according to users preference for the time zone. Refer to Systems Operation, Troubleshooting, Testing and Adjusting, RENR7911, “Product Link 121/321” for details.

Product Link Module Types

The table shows the Product Link Modules that are available.

Table 1
Module     Capabilities     Watch Coverage    
PL121SR     Hours
Time & Geographic
Asset Watch    
PL321SR     Hours
Time and Geographic
I/O Switch Channels
Events and Diagnostic codes    
Asset Watch
Health Watch    

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Illustration 2 g01244807



Once you have purchased a Product Link Module, you must install the module on the machine. A comprehensive Installation Guide comes with your Product Link Module. Refer to Special Instruction, REHS2365, “An Installation Guide for the Product Link PL121SR and for the PL300”.

Note: The instructions that are mentioned above are for installing the PL121SR and PL300. The PL321SR is the combination of the PL121SR Radio and PL300 ECM.

Configure and Register

Product Link modules are configured and registered by using Caterpillar Electronic Technician (CAT ET). After installing the Product Link module on the machine, a laptop computer with Cat ET software is connected to the module. The Dealer technician uses Cat ET to set up the module for that specific machine. Included with each Product Link is a Special Instructions that explain the product installation and product registration procedures.

For additional information on configuration and registration of your Product Link Module, refer to Systems Operation Troubleshooting, Testing and Adjusting:, RENR7911, “Product Link 121/321”.

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