26SI Series Alternator – Preferences


Each person that uses EquipmentManager to manage equipment may use EquipmentManager in slightly different ways. For this reason, each EquipmentManager user can set the preferences in order to utilize the application more efficiently and effectively. This provides individual levels of customization of the application that will fulfill individual process needs.

“Set Your Preferences”

Complete the following procedure, in order to set your preferences for the first time or change your preferences:

    Illustration 1 g01710637

    “Set Your Preferences” screen

  1. From the left navigation, click the “Preferences” tab. The “Set Your Preferences” screen will be displayed.
  1. Set the preferences or edit the preferences by changing values in the drop-down menus, input boxes, and list boxes that appear next to the names of the preference.
  1. Click “Update Preferences”. The “Confirmation – Set Your Preferences” screen will be displayed.

    Illustration 2 g01710636

    “Confirmation – Set Your Preferences” screen

  1. Click the “OK” button at the very bottom of the screen. Your preferences will be saved and the “Set Your Preferences” screen will be displayed.

Available Preference Values

The following table lists the available values for each of the preferences that appear on the “Set Your Preferences” screen.

Table 1
Name of Preference     Available Values    
“Default Group In Event Summary Page”     “All Equipment”
(Equipment Groups you created)
(Equipment Groups you have been assigned)    
“Date Format”     “MM/DD/YYYY ”
“Time Format”     “12 Hr Format”
“24 Hour (Military Time)”
“12 Hr with AM/PM”    
“Time Zone”     (A list of all time zones appears in the drop-down menu)    
“Daylight Savings”     “Observe Daylight Savings Time”
“Ignore Daylight Savings Time”    
“Location Display”     “Nearest City”
“Latitude/Longitude (Deg/Min/Sec)”
“Latitude/Longitude (Delorme Decimal)”    
“Records Per Page”     “10 records”
“20 records”
“50 records”
“100 records”    
“History Details Shown”     “3 Months”
“6 Months”
“9 Months”
“1 Year”
“2 Years”
“3 Years”
“5 Years”    
“Distance Unit”     “Miles”
“Fuel Unit”     “Gallons”
“Unit ID Display”     “Unit ID”
“Equipment ID”    
“Country”     (A list of over 240 countries appears in the list box)    
“Notify Manual Service Meter Maintenance Update”     “Weekly”
“6 Weeks”    
“Display Search Results In”     “Event Summary Results Page”
“S· O· S Results Page”
“Remote Monitoring Report”
“Utilization Monitoring Report”
“Planned Maintenance Page”
“Fault Code Results Page”
“Time and Geographic Fencing Alarms Page”
“Location/SMU Page”    
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