26SI Series Alternator – Preference Detail

“Default Group In Event Summary Page”

Illustration 1 g01707378

Setting the preference for the default for “Select a Group”

(1) “Select a Group” drop-down menu

The default preference is “All Equipment” for the “Select a Group” drop-down menu (1). Other options will appear in this drop-down menu only when groups of documents have been created or you have been given access to groups of documents that were created by other users.

If you select a group from the drop-down menu and you update your preferences, from that time forward the value in the “Select a Group” drop-down menu (1) in the “Event Summary” section of the “EquipmentManager Home” screen will default to the group that was selected on the “Set Your Preferences” screen. For example, if the preferences of “DocGrp” was chosen, Illustration 1 is an example of the “Event Summary” section of the “EquipmentManager Home” screen that will appear after the initial time.

Also, EquipmentManager allows you to manage your equipment by an exception. There are three “Status” levels of events.

Action (red) – The “Action” status indicates an event that is deemed of the highest importance. “Action” events should be given the most attention and “Action” events should be resolved first.

Monitor (yellow) – The “Monitor” status indicates an event that should have attention, but this event does not require immediate resolution.

Normal (green) – The “Normal” status indicates an event that is deemed least important of the actions that require attention or resolution.

“Date Format” and “Time Format” Preferences

The “Date Format” and the “Time Format” that are used to display all dates and times throughout EquipmentManager may be set to your preference.

In the “Time Zone” drop-down menu, the time may be set to the time zone of your dealership, the time zone of the location of your equipment, or any other time zone.

In the “Time Format” drop-down menu, the time may be viewed with the following options: “12 Hr Format”, “12 Hr with AM/PM” and “24 Hour (Military Time)”.

In the “Daylight Savings” drop-down menu, the daylight savings time may be chosen.

Illustration 2 g01708096

Example of the “Date Format” and the “Time Format”

(2) “Date/Time”

The “Planned Maintenance” screen is an example that displays “Date/Time” (2) within EquipmentManager. Refer to Illustration 2.

“Location Display”

EquipmentManager uses GPS to determine the location (3) of your equipment. On the “Set Your Preferences” screen, you can choose to display the location in any one of the following three formats:

  • “Nearest City”

Illustration 3 g01708145

Format for the “Nearest City”

(3) Location

  • “Latitude/Longitude (Deg/Min/Sec)”

Illustration 4 g01708146

Format for the “Latitude/Longitude (Deg/Min/Sec)”

(3) Location

  • “Latitude/Longitude (DeLorme Decimal)”

Illustration 5 g01708147

Format for the” Latitude/Longitude (DeLorme Decimal)”

(3) Location

“Records Per Page”

Illustration 6 g01708149

The preference of 10 records for the records per page

The number of records that are displayed per page may be set for the list of information of the equipment that is returned from EquipmentManager. Illustration 6 indicates an “Event Summary” list with 68 machines that have been divided into 10 results per page. If the same list was divided into 50 records per page, there would be only two pages instead of seven pages.

“History Details Shown”

Illustration 7 g01708734

“History Details Shown” preference

(4) “Start Date”

(5) “End Date”

When the page for the “Repair & Maintenance History” of a machine is being viewed, a “Start Date” (4) and an “End Date” (5) may be entered in order to indicate the span of history for viewing. By setting a “History Details Shown” preference, you are setting the default values that will appear in the “Start Date” and “End Date” fields. For example, if you set a “History Details Shown” preference of three months, the “End Date” field will default to the current date and the “Start Date” will default to a date that is exactly three months prior to the current date.


There are two types of preferences for units that can be set:

  • “Distance Unit”

  • “Fuel Unit”

The first type of preference is the “Distance Unit”.

Illustration 8 g01708151

“Distance Unit” preference

(6) “Miles”

Illustration 9 g01708152

“Distance Unit” preference

(7) “Kilometers”

You may select either “Miles” (6) or “Kilometers” (7) .

The second type of preference that can be set is the “Fuel Unit”.

Illustration 10 g01708153

“Fuel Units” preference

(8) Liters

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