26SI Series Alternator – Getting Started


The following provides an overview of EquipmentManager. This overview instructs you on the steps that are necessary to begin using EquipmentManager in order to manage the life cycle of your equipment and the equipment of your customers.

There are five steps:

  1. Enable EquipmentManager.
  1. Verify the records for the machine and the ownership of the machine.
  1. Manage the users.
  1. Install Product Link Modules.
  1. Set up the subscriptions.

Some of the steps that are outlined in this section may be completed in a different order. Following the steps in the order that is suggested here is recommended strongly by the Caterpillar Dealer Solution Network (DSN).

Note: Use your web browser to select your preferred language.

Note: Caterpillar does not recommend using software to block popup software while EquipmentManager is active.

EquipmentManager and the Product Link System

EquipmentManager is an upgrade of a previous application that was known as Product Link Web. Many of the features of EquipmentManager are similar to this application.

EquipmentManager is an application that is used on the Internet. This application allows you to better manage the maintenance, health, and utilization of your machines. EquipmentManager uses a combination of Product Link hardware, satellites, wireless technology, a Caterpillar database, and a Caterpillar server in order to manage the machines.

Illustration 1 illustrates the EquipmentManager and the Product Link System.

Illustration 1 g01243520

EquipmentManager and Product Link System

Each piece of machinery is equipped with Product Link hardware. Each machine can be managed by using EquipmentManager. Information is sent to the machine and information is received from the machine via a Product Link Module (PLM) through a wireless network.

Note: For more information about the available PLMs and installation of the PLMs, refer to Systems Operation, “Install Product Link Modules”.

The location of the machine is determined by using a Global Positioning System (GPS). Wireless networks send the information that is received from the PLMs to a central database for Product Link that is provided by Caterpillar. This information can then be viewed with EquipmentManager.

If you are using the Caterpillar Dealer Business System you will have the option of receiving daily updates from Product Link Service Meter Units (SMU). EquipmentManager can store these updates in your DBS database.

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