26SI Series Alternator – General Information

Use of this Manual

EquipmentManager provides valuable information that allows remote monitoring of either a single machine or a fleet of machines. Customers can perform the following tasks if the customer can provide the location of the machine, Service Meter Unit (SMU), and information about the health of the machine:

  • Manage the location and the basic usage of engines and machines.

  • Schedule maintenance that is planned and schedule major repairs.

  • Manage fault codes or diagnostic codes.

  • Detect problems before problems cause a major component failure.

  • Increase the availability and the productivity for the machines by avoiding unexpected downtime for repairs.

  • Identify the need for training in order to improve the efficiency of the operator.

EquipmentManager is part of Dealer Web site and works with other applications such as PartStore and EquipmentManager. EquipmentManager enables customers to remotely manage fleets. The customer is alerted to only those machines that need immediate attention.

The “EquipmentManager Dealer Administrator Manual” includes the following information:

  • Setting up Product Link Modules (PLM)

  • Registering PLM

  • Setting up and maintaining the accounts of the customer

  • Customizing EquipmentManager for optimum use

  • Managing EquipmentManager functions

This manual also provides suggestions for using the features of EquipmentManager.


The “EquipmentManager Dealer Administrator Manual” assumes that the user is a Dealer Administrator. The”EquipmentManager Dealer Administrator Manual” also assumes the following:

  • The user is familiar with Dealer Web site and related applications.

  • The user is able to access the dealership’s Dealer Web site.

  • The user is familiar with using and entering information in forms that are found in web sites, performing searches on the web, and submitting information via the web.

Terms and Definitions

Table 1 defines common acronyms and terms that are used throughout this manual.

Table 1
Term or Acronym     Definition    
Dealer Web site     Dealer Web site is an application on the internet that is used to access EquipmentManager.    
ECM     Electronic Control Module    
I/O     Input/Output    
PLM     Product Link Module
This on board hardware communicates with any ECM that is on the machine. Additionally, the hardware sends information to the satellites and from the satellites.    
PM     Preventive Maintenance    
SMU     Service Meter Units    
S·O·S     Scheduled Oil Sampling
This is a program that analyzes samples of fluid. This program is designed to be an easy way to monitor the impact of maintenance programs, applications, and operational factors on machine health.    
UCID     Universal Customer ID    
CWS     Corporate Web Security    

Related Documentation

ReferenceRefer to the following documents for additional EquipmentManager information and related applications.

  • Systems Operation, Troubleshooting, Testing and Adjusting, RENR7911, “Product Link 121SR/321SR”

  • Special Instruction, REHS2365, “Product Link PL121SR and PL300 Installation Guide”

  • Systems Operation, KENR6303, “EquipmentManager User Manual”

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