26SI Series Alternator – Ether Starting Aid

Typical example

(1) Ether cylinder assembly.

(2) Clamp assembly.

(3) Ether valve assembly. Do not mount in a location that subjects valve assembly and cylinder assembly (1) to temperatures greater than 93.3°C (200°F).

Install valve assembly so cylinder assembly (1) can be installed in a vertical position as shown.

(4) Temperature switch. The temperature switch will not allow starting fluid to reach the atomizer if the engine temperature is above 38°C (100°F).

(5) Starting aid switch. Install switch close to operator’s starting station.

(6) Ether valve connector.

(7) Steel tube. Assemble 3.18 mm (.125 in) O.D. steel tubing between valve assembly and atomizer assembly. No electric wires are to be clamped to the ether line.

(8) Atomizer assembly. Install atomizer with orifices pointed toward each end of the engine.

NOTE: Since orifices are not visible when installed, a dash mark (in same position as orifices) is stamped on the flats of the hex nut.

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