26SI Series Alternator – Electronic Control Module (ECM) – Flash Program

Perform the following procedure in order to flash program the PL522 and 523. The PL522 and 523 is flashed in order to upgrade the software. Flash programming of the PL522 and 523 must also be done if the PL522 and 523 have been replaced. The Caterpillar Electronic Technician (Cat ET ) contains the program WinFlash®. WinFlash® is used in order to load software into the PL522 and 523.

Refer to Systems Operation, Troubleshooting, Testing and Adjusting, “Configuration” in order to configure the PL522 and 523.

Note: The Communication Adapter II is available in order to flash program the electronic control modules.

The Communications Adapter II hardware is connected between the service connector of the machine and the PC serial port or the PC parallel port. The Cat ET “Communications Interface Device” is configured for “Caterpillar Communications Adapter II (RP1210)”.

Flash Program the PL522 AND 523

WinFlash® is used in order to load the software. The following steps explain the process in order to flash program the PL522 and 523.

    Illustration 1 g02173443

  1. Select the “Utilities” and “Winflash”.

    Illustration 2 g02173445

  1. To flash the gateway board within the PL522 and 523, select the “Blank ECM” with the matching serial number of the PL522 or 523 from the list of detected ECMs. Refer to Illustration 2.

    Illustration 3 g02173446

  1. Select the file. Refer to Illustration 3.
  1. Click “Begin Flash”.

    Illustration 4 g02173595

  1. The progress bar should appear while the program is being loaded. Refer to Illustration 4.
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