26SI Series Alternator – Diagnostic Code List

Table 1
Module Identifier 161 Diagnostic Codes (1)    
CID 0168 Electrical System    
FMI 00     Voltage above normal    
FMI 01     Voltage below normal    
CID 0254 Electronic Control Module    
FMI 04     Voltage below normal    
FMI 12     Failed Module    
CID 1250 Remote Communication Module    
FMI 09     Unable to establish communication    
CID 1251 Alternator R-Terminal    
FMI 03     Voltage above normal    
CID 1888Local GPS Antenna (2)    
FMI 14     GPS Antenna not present    
CID 3766 Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) Card
FMI 14     SIM Card not detected    
( 1 ) For troubleshooting, see the procedure with the same CID FMI.
( 2 ) For troubleshooting information refer to the, “Position Reports Not Available” section of this book

Note: A machine ECM will self-erase a diagnostic if the diagnostic does not reappear after 100 operating hours. The event history screen in the VisionLink application will show a code that occurred 100 hours in the past. This event no longer shows up in Cat ET because the diagnostic has not reoccurred.

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