26SI Series Alternator – Cab Liners, Disconnect Switch

Remove And Install Cab Liners

start by:

a) remove recirculating filter*

1. Remove rubber buttons (2) which fasten liner (1) to the top of the cab with tool (A).

2. Put liner (1) into position on the top of the cab. Install rubber buttons (2) which fasten the liner to the top of the cab.

end by:

a) install recirculating filter*


Remove And Install Disconnect Switch

1. Remove two cable assemblies (2) from disconnect switch (1).

2. Remove nut (3) and lockwasher from disconnect switch (1). Remove the disconnect switch from the operator’s platform.

3. Put disconnect switch (1) in position. Install lockwasher and nut (3).

4. Install two cable assemblies (2) on disconnect switch (1).

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