26SI Series Alternator – Alternator – Disassemble – HDB Series Alternator

Disassembly Procedure

Start By:

  1. Remove the alternator from the machine. Refer to Disassembly and Assembly, “Alternator – Remove” for the machine that is being serviced.

Note: Before disassembly, clean the exterior of the alternator in order to prevent dirt from entering the unit.

    Illustration 1 g00825178

  1. Remove pulley nut (2), washer (1), fan (3), and spacer (4) from the rotor shaft.

    Illustration 2 g00825176

  1. Remove three bolts (5). Remove the rear cover.

    Illustration 3 g00825175

  1. Remove two bolts (6). Disconnect the field winding leads from the regulator. Label the wires. Remove three bolts (7). Remove regulator (8) .

    Illustration 4 g00825173

  1. Remove “B-” terminal (15) .
  1. Remove bolt (13). Remove grommet (11). Remove “R” terminal (12) .
  1. Loosen “B+” terminal (9). Remove four bolts (10) and disconnect the stator leads from the rectifier. Label the wires. Remove five bolts (14). Remove rectifier (16) .

    Illustration 5 g00825170

  1. For proper alignment during assembly, mark the front frame, the stator, and the rear frame. Mark the locations of the stator leads in the rear frame. Remove four bolts (17). Separate rear frame (18) from front frame (19) .

    Illustration 6 g00825168

  1. Mark the location of the field winding leads in the rear frame. Remove three bolts (20). Remove field coil (21) from the rear frame.

    Illustration 7 g00825158

  1. Remove roller bearing (22) from the rear frame. The removal of this component requires force.

    Illustration 8 g00825156

  1. The stator and the front frame remain marked. Remove stator (23) from the front frame.

    Illustration 9 g00825155

  1. Remove rotor (24) from the front frame. The removal of this component requires force.

    Illustration 10 g00825154

  1. Remove spacer (25) from the rotor.
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