26SI Series Alternator – Alternator

Remove And Install Alternator

1. Remove the right guard assembly from the side of the engine.

2. Put identification on wires (2) and (3) and disconnect the wires from the alternator.

3. Loosen bolt (1) to release the tension on the vee belts. Remove the vee belts from the pulley. Remove bolt (1) from the alternator.

4. Remove bolt (5) and the nut assembly to remove alternator (4) from the engine.

NOTE: If a replacement of the alternator pulley is necessary, the alternator shaft nut must be tightened to a torque of 80 ± 7 lb.ft. (110 ± 10 N·m).

5. Put alternator (4) in position and install bolts (5) and the nut assembly to hold it in position.

6. Put the vee belts in position on the pulley and install bolt (1). See ENGINE SPECIFICATIONS for the correct tension on the vee belts before bolt (1) is tightened.

7. Connect wires (2) and (3) to the alternator.

8. Install the right side guard assembly on the side of the engine.

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