3508 EUI Engine for D11N and D11R Track-Type Tractors – Exhaust Manifolds

Remove And Install Exhaust Manifolds

Start By:

a. remove turbochargers

1. Remove bracket (4). Remove elbow (2).

2. Remove heat shields (3) from the exhaust manifolds. Remove ether starting tube (1).

3. Remove heat shield supports (5).

4. Remove the bolts that hold the manifold to the cylinder heads. Remove exhaust manifold (6). Weight is 35 Kg (77 lb.).

5. If necessary, remove manifold coupling bolts (7) and separate the manifolds.

NOTE: The following steps are for installation of the exhaust manifolds.

6. Be sure all parts are clean, and the mating surfaces are smooth. Install new gaskets between the manifold sections and between the manifold and the cylinder heads.

7. To prevent manifold leakage, the following tightening procedure must be followed.

a. Put 5P3931 Anti-Seize Compound on the threads of bolts (6) and (7).

b. Loosen coupling bolts (7) if they were not already loosened.

c. Tighten bolts (6) that fasten the exhaust manifold sections to the cylinder heads first to a torque of 55 ± 7 N·m (40 ± 5 lb.ft.).

d. Tighten manifold coupling bolts (7) to a torque of 45 ± 7 N·m (32 ± 5 lb.ft.).

8. The remaining installation of the exhaust manifolds is the reverse order of removal.

End By:

a. install turbochargers