3508 EUI Engine for D11N and D11R Track-Type Tractors – Aftercooler

Remove And Install Aftercooler

Start By:

a. remove turbochargers

b. remove hydraulic oil cooler

1. Drain the coolant from the radiator until the level is below the aftercooler.

2. Remove tube (1) and aftercooler air inlet tubes (2). Remove heat shields (3) and (4).

3. Remove heat shield supports (4) and (5).

4. Remove elbow (6), seal and gasket from each end of the aftercooler.

5. Remove adapter (7) and sleeve from each end of the aftercooler.

6. Fasten tooling (A) and a hoist to the aftercooler housing. The weight of the housing is 37 Kg (82 lb.). Remove aftercooler housing (8).

7. Remove bolts (9) that fasten aftercooler core (10) to the engine block. Fasten a hoist and remove aftercooler core. The weight of the core is 31 Kg (82 lb.).

8. Remove O-ring seals (11) from each end of core assembly (10).

9. Remove ring (12) and connector (13) from the core assembly.

10. Remove four O-ring seals (14) from the connector.

NOTE: The following steps are for installation of the aftercooler.

11. Be sure all parts are clean and free of rust before assembly.

12. Install all new seals and gaskets. Lubricate all O-ring seals with glycerine before assembly.

13. Install the aftercooler in the reverse order of removal.

14. If the two halves of the aftercooler housing were separated, install a new gasket and assemble the two halves together. Trim the new gasket flush with the bottom of the aftercooler housing. Apply 3S6252 Sealant to bottom of the housing where the gasket was trimmed.

15. Tighten the bolts that fasten the aftercooler housing to the engine block to a torque of 55 ± 7 N·m (41 ± 5 lb.ft.).

16. Fill the radiator with coolant. See the Maintenance Guide.

End By:

a. install hydraulic oil cooler

b. install turbochargers